From the recording Find You Love

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Chris Carter - Drums
Ronnie Holland - Lead Guitars
Kev Scott - Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitars / Bass / Piano / Organ / Synth / Percussion
Katy Connelly - Vocals


The hall clock ticking seems so loud, there's nothing left to say
It's not the perfect way to end but it's better now this way
A night in with your best friend, a glass or two of wine
Can make the burden on your shoulder get easier with time

You'll get over me, it might just take a while
And the tears and pain might ease and turn into a smile
You'll get over me, no matter what they say
And then things may just get easier and better everyday

The years must count for something, I hope we can be friends
When I think of what we've been through, I wanna start again

You'll get over me, it's easier this way
We've both hurt and cried but never lied
There's nothing left to say

You'll get over me, don't know where we went wrong
Gotta do this for our children, they'll keep us strong

And I won't forget the times we've had
Just dry your eyes and don't be sad
I'm really tempted to give us one last start
I'm sorry if I broke your heart

You'll get over me, like lovers often do
It's the same the whole world over, not just me and you
You'll get over me, incase you never do
If I ever wanna try again, try again with you