From the recording Find You Love

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Chris Carter - Drums / Voiceover
Ronnie Holland - Lead Guitars
Kev Scott - Vocals / Rhythm Guitars / Bass / Piano / Synths / Percussion
Katy Connelly - Backing Vocals


Where did you go? Where did you go?
Where did you go? All eyes are on me now

There's no-one around in this town, it don't look like your hometown
I'm the man with the sad eyes, secluded, with no-one to trust
I'll keep on burning the candle of love, the candle of lust

I'm so scared that I'll wake up and everyone here will be gone
I'm not sure if I can be the only one
The last man alive

The cracking of radios
Sunlight is breaking in
The loneliness of the night, dragging on as I wake up alone
With nobody there, no-one to care
Kicking up dust and burning embers
Love turns to ash

Don't leave me while the sun's still shining
Don't leave me or I'll be behind this time
This time, this time
Will you wake me when we get to heaven
Will you tell me if you see the warning signs
Inside, inside

I'll keep waiting for my time to come around