Reverbnation Fan Reviews - White Feathers


“He has a very nice voice. The instrumentation needs to be a bit more subtle to match it. It almost overpowers, even though he has a deep voice. The vocals are just more slow paced than what the music is. Love when he does the "mmmm mmm", that will draw a lot of females into the song!”

“I like the ethereal musical style. The sparse guitar is beautiful in it's simplicity. An excellent vocal over mild production seems like the way to go here.”

“I like the sweet lyrics of this song the most, I feel like the vocalist really makes an impression as well as a statement about himself with these heartfelt lyrics.”

“I liked the peaceful way this folk song entry, "White Feathers" by Kev Scott, started. The electric guitar playing was peaceful. The melody was mellow and a bit melancholy. The singer has a very nice voice.”

“I love that this is such a wonderful song to listen to mostly because of the instrumentals. It's very pretty and very emotional and the way the instrumentals flow is stunning.”

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“I really like how the instrumentation came together in this song. The singer has a voice that kind of hangs over the song even after he is done singing, and that really makes this song good”

“I really liked the easy going nature of the guitar playing in this song. I thought it kept a really good rhythm and that most people would like this song too.”

“Instrumentals sounded good overall. Sound quality was good. The tempo was slow and relaxing for the most part but not especially captivating. Vocals were average as was the main melody.”

“Little harsh on the mixing at the beginning of the song. Liked the vocals though. Nice voice but the melody and instrumentation is all over the place. Sounds much better when the bass hits, but still too muddled in the mix.”

“The guitar was a little bit too heavy for my taste. It felt like it was interrupting at times. The melody was my favorite part, it was very smooth.”

“The singer has a very soothing voice that lends itself nicely to a soft melody. The lyrics clearly have good meaning and it has a feel of a good driving song.”

“The song was alright. It was a little slow for my taste but I could see myself listening to something similar if I were trying to relax. I would like something a little more upbeat for the rest of the time though.”

“This is a nice song. The music is really nice and I also like the lyrics to the song. The artist has decent vocals. The sound quality of the song is also very good.”

“This song sounds really "classic.' I like it a lot. The instrumentals and the lyrics are both very, very good. This is a timeless song.”

“This was a good song, I really enjoyed the lyrics to this song and I thought the lyrics fit the name of the song, the vocals were amazing as well!”